About Us


We are Giorgia and Anna Veronica – wedding and event planners as well as historians of theater and contemporary art.

During our decade-long experience, we have designed, planned, and coordinated private and corporate events, such as cultural festivals, conferences, and street food festivals. With each of our events, we pursue creativity and distinctiveness.

In 2014 we launched Parade, specializing in wedding and destination wedding planning and design.

Why Parade

Parade is a Russian ballet. Written by Cocteau, choregraphed by Massine, musical composition by Satie, and with scenery design by Picasso, it is a unique performance in which the arts melt together, creating a feast for the eyes and soul. Djagilev, one of the most important theatrical producers, was the supervisor of the production.

This is the goal of Parade: to create the perfect team of professionals, supervising and managing each member with step-by-step precision.