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Wedding Venue: tips and tricks!

You are planning your dreamy wedding and are dealing with the venue for it!
What really matters in the venue’s choice?
  • City or countryside? Ask yourself what kind of atmosphere are you looking for. Let yourself be led by the vibes you can feel through an image, a view or during an inspection.
Ask your planner to share technical features, but feelings too!
  • Rental fee or wedding fee? Pay attention to what the proposed price includes. Check each point of the contract (there always must be a contract!) and any condition about exclusive suppliers.
Ask for a detailed services list!
  • Make sure the ceremony will be held closeby the venue, no more than 30 minutes by car, or in the venue itself. Your guests will be very grateful to you!
Ask about ceremony chances!
  • Are you interest in lodging for your guests nearby or in the venue itself?
Ask for which solutions they may offer about it!
  • Don’t forget the Plan B! Whether you get married in Autumn or in Summer, please always consider “what if?” in case of rain or bad weather.
Ask for the suggested solutions and… keep an eye on extra charges! 
  •  Light design is one of the most important part during an event.
Ask about the basic lighting of the venue 
  • And then timing, conditions for your suppliers during set-up and dismantle, private areas that cannot be used during the event, exclusive use of the venue, and much more.
Take off any doubt before your final decision! 
You deserve the best!
Do you need help in searching the perfect venue for you?
We also provide the Venue’s Selection service.
Feel free to ask any information about it!